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"Carla helped make my garden fit for a wedding. She demonstrated a keen eye for design. By the day of my brother's wedding, the garden looked fantastic. It seemed like everything bloomed at the same time. I received many 
comments on how perfect it was. I recommend Carla most highly and without reservation.”­
- Grant Weiss, MD

From selling a home to hosting a wedding in your garden, we can provide you with exterior decorating that will wow your buyer and/or guests.


  • ­ Beautify walkways, entryways, courtyards, decks and balconies with container plantings and seasonal decor

  • ­ Staging for real estate marketing

  • ­ Longer­ term projects to prepare your garden for an important event

Estate Landcape Management
  • Preserve your investment in your landscape

  • Keep your garden thriving

  • Insure the original design and vision stay true

Landscape Design 
  • Hand drawn conceptual drawings

  • Preliminary landscape plans for architects & contractors

  • Designing traditional and contemporary landscapes using the latest irrigation and horticulture trends

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