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“We wanted, as everyone does, a beautiful garden. However, we wanted one which required little maintenance, was
environmentally responsible, and could handle kid traffic. Not only did Carla manage to delight us with the result, our neighbors are impressed as well. Carla’s fun to work with, easy going, enthusiastic, well organized, has great style, terrific knowledge and common sense. She’s a wizard.”
- Kathleen Beller

From meditative landscapes to secret gardens, from urban

farmscapes to courtyard container gardens, the design I create for each client is singular and personal.


Whether you have a blank slate to work with or an existing garden

that needs new life breathed into it, I love collaborating with clients

to create designs for outdoor spaces that feel good to be in.


I consider the desires and tastes of my clients, the characteristics of

each unique site and my own design sensibilities and plant

knowledge for each project. Striving toward organic and

environmentally responsible is important to me.


I also provide preliminary landscape designs and plant lists for

architects and contractors.


All my design drawings are hand rendered.

Event Design Decor

Exterior Decorating:

  • Real Estate Marketing

  • Holiday Decor

  • Private Events

  • Weddings

Estate Landcape Management
  • Preserve your investment in your landscape

  • Keep your garden thriving

  • Insure the original design and vision stay true

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